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50 degree temperature divide expected on Tuesday

Monday, December 9th 2019, 11:40 am - The eastern Prairies will see temperature plummet into the -30s on Tuesday, while parts of Atlantic Canada soar into the mid-teens. What gives?

The fall season is certainly known for it's wild and changeable nature, and as we come close to finishing off this season, we'll see an extreme weather divide country wide this week.

That's as parts of western Canada get thrown right into the freezer with Siberian air making it feel closer to 40 with the wind chill, all the while Atlantic Canada receives a spring-like temperature boost as temperatures soar into the mid-double digits.


It all happens on Tuesday.

"This is about as extreme of a temperature variation you can really muster across Canada as wildy different air masses battle it out," says Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.


Watch more on the cause of this extreme temperature divide in the video with meteorologist Tyler Hamilton above.

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