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4-year-old girl and pet hen sledding duo are an internet sensation

Thursday, February 25th 2021, 12:52 pm - Just a little girl and her pet hen playing in the snow to brighten your day.

Lennon, 4, and her pet hen Chickyboo are the bright spots in an otherwise challenging year.

The pair have become internet celebrities after video of Lennon and Chickypoo sledding went viral on the social media platform TikTok. Lennon's grandmother posted the footage, which has received around 100,000 views.

Lennon, Chickyboo, and the rest of their family live on a farm outside of Saskatchewan, and hens aren't the only animals that reside there.

"We keep laying hens, pigs, honey bees, horses, donkeys, and of course cats and dogs," Lennon's mom, Tenille Poole, tells The Weather Network.

Lennon and Chicky Boo Lennon and Chickyboo. Courtesy: Tenille Poole/Facebook

And while Tenille describes Chickyboo as "calm", she told the CBC she's "not convinced" Chickyboo enjoyed hitting the slopes.

"I don't think this weather is the most natural experience," she told CBC, "but she was good at humouring Lennon and I certainly appreciate that."

It isn't the first time Lennon has invited farm animals to play. She's also held birthday parties for the dogs and has brought her pony into the playhouse for a tea party, Tenille says.

Lennon and Chicky boo2 Courtesy: Tenille Poole/Facebook

"Last summer she almost had [the pony] convinced to join her in the paddling pool," she continues.

"She regularly can be found sitting in the run with the chickens and loves to hold them. But the sledding was a random idea that went far better than I would have guessed it would when she set off to the hill with her hen under her arm."

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