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20 for 20: Major Canadian cities set or eyeing new September records

Tuesday, September 21st 2021, 10:40 am - Montreal has already set a new September record with 20 consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 20°C, while Toronto is closing in on its own record this week.

Montreal has been on quite a lucky roll temperature-wise for the entire month of September to date -- a perfect streak, so to speak.

As of Monday, the city has seen 20 consecutive days with a maximum temperature surpassing 20°C this month, setting a new all-time record for September. It is likely to be shattered again in the coming days this week. It topped the previous record of 19 successive days that was set in 2017.

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So summer feels like it is not over for Central Canada, though, technically, it already is meteorologically and will be astronomically on Wednesday.

You can attribute the extended warmth in September to a high-pressure blocking over the Atlantic will, which is bringing milder temperatures from southern Ontario to Quebec. There will even be some humidex values up to 30 during this first half of the week. On Monday, Waskaganish and Moosonee, in northern Quebec and Ontario, respectively, saw feels-like values of 36.

"While a slow-moving system over southern Ontario will bring cooler than seasonal temperatures in behind it, the mild temperatures will last a bit longer for Québec," said Anne-Sophie Colombani, a meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

Montreal/20 days/20degrees

With that being said, it may not be the end of Montreal's streak. It may end up getting 25 consecutive days with maximum temperatures exceeding 20° for the first time in history during the month of September.

Despite this warm weather since the beginning of the month, September 2021 will not be the warmest but it will be enough to make it into the top 10 of the warmest Septembers.

"The month of September in Montreal has warmed up since the beginning of the data. September used to have an average of nine days with 20°C+, but the new average from 1991-2020 now has 12 days," said Colombani.


It isn't just Montreal that may break a new record for September. Monday was also Toronto Pearson International Airport's 20th successive day with maximum temperatures above 20°C, putting it in its second-highest slot. If it reaches this again Friday, it will take top spot in place of the current 24 days that occurred from Sept. 1-24, 2002.

"Our forecast for Toronto so far stops the 20°C on Thursday because of the new low-pressure system that will bring a lot of rain. But if we have some clearing during the day, maybe the temperature can rise to 20°C," says Colombani.

20 days/20 degrees/Toronto

In fact, the maximum daily temperatures in Toronto are expected to drop below 20°C in the middle of the week. In Montreal, the colder air will be slower to arrive, however, expected to usher in on the weekend.

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