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11-month-old learns to snowboard before mastering walking

Monday, November 29th 2021, 9:55 am - Wang Yuji has become an internet sensation, with video of her snowboarding racking up millions of views.

An 11-month-old baby in northern China hasn't quite gotten the hang of walking yet, but she's already a star on the slopes.

Videos of Wang Yuji snowboarding have gone viral, featuring her adorable face peeking out under all of her gear.

Her parents said, via CCTV, they initially planned to teach her how to ski and were surprised how quickly she stood up on the snowboard on her own.

“We put her in the shoes and realized she could bring herself to stand . . . then we brought her to a gentle slope and watched her slide down, squatting on the board by herself,” Yuji’s mother, Fan Xueyin, told AFP.

Yuji first tried snowboarding in mid-November during a family holiday.

Her mother said she hasn't shown any signs of fear or resistance. If she said, they wouldn't have continued to put her on the board.

Yuji's father, Wang Shu, told AFP he's inspired by his daughter's new talent and now wants to train as a coach, so he can mentor her when she's older - if she wants to pursue the sport.

“We’ll respect her own choices in the future," her mother said.

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