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Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park at Lake Diefenbaker, SK


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Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park at Lake Diefenbaker Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Lake Diefenbaker was formed in 1968 by damming of the South Saskatchewan River. It is about 2km wide and over 100km long and has 3 Saskatchewan Provincial Parks on its perimeter. Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is situated on the South Saskatchewan arm of Diefenbaker and the public beach area in this park is comprised of fine light sand mixed with a few small rocks. The lake bottom is a mixture of sand and rocks and deepens gradually leaving plenty of space for wading and swimming. Because a dam controls the lake the size of the beach fluctuates with the water levels throughout the season. The lake is narrow and so the water clarity is subject to changing from clear to murky based on wind and other weather conditions. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. No pets allowed on the shoreline. The park is split into two by highway 4 and the beach is located on the west side. There is a 7 fee to enter the park or 50 annually for access to all Saskatchewan Provincial Parks. There are several paved parking lots with easy access to the beach. Lake Diefenbaker is historical to say the least! It is known for stories of its formation it’s hydroelectric power production and it’s record-breaking fish populations. Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park has large stands of forest surrounding the beach so wildlife here (particularly birds) are abundant. There is a boat launch available just east of the beach and it has it’s own paved parking lot nearby. On the east side of the park there is a marina boat rentals mini golf stores and campgrounds all for use by the public. The view from the beach is of valleys and hills with few to no residential properties visible. The sandy beach extends down the lake further and is backed by cliffs and valleys for those wishing to venture away from the public space. The public area backs onto a grassy park with lots of trees and shrubs throughout. There are picnic areas with day use BBQs as well as benches throughout the park. There is also access to change rooms washrooms and trash facilities. The valley setting is very different compared to other Lake Diefenbaker Provincial Parks and is great way to get a more secluded feel from this famous lake.NOTE: July 28/2012: Blue-green algae warning from Saskatchewan Environment about Southern SK lakes.
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