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Sandy Beach at Sandy Beach Regional Park, SK


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Sandy Beach at Sandy Beach Regional Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Sandy Beach is a small beach located in Sandy Beach Regional Park. It is a small lake but the park is densely populated with cottage owners campers and recreational users. Most of the perimeter has private cabins with their own docks. The beach is made of fine golden sand and is short in length but suits the small size of the lake. The lake bottom is also sandy but drops off quickly after a few meters. The beach is easily accessible from highway 3 and the park is well marked with signs. There is ample parking within the park and the beach is easily accessible from the parking lot. The water was clear and there were few weeds only observable a few meters off the beach. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. There is a public dock but it was out of the water early in the season and the park also has a boat launch available nearby. The parking lot is in a large recreational space meant for day use. The area contains picnic tables with firepits basketball courts and overnight campsites as well. This area also has washroom and trash facilities as well as a store and a golf course. A short path leads to the beach area which has a day use gazebo and picnic tables. There are also slides installed from the shoreline into the water and further out a series of diving boards are installed in the deeper water! There are change houses as well as an outdoor shower for rinsing which the park recommends because swimmers itch may be present in the lake. To enter the park costs 8 or 40 for the year which included entrance to all other Saskatchewan Regional Parks. Sandy Beach is a recreational users dream and the beach is no different! The beach has all the features and nearby amenities to make it a fun place to spend a day.
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