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Peck Lake Public Beach, SK


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Peck Lake Public Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Peck Lake is located within the Bronson Forest Recreational Site. It is large and the water has a beautiful turquoise color not common to lakes in the region. The border of the lake is quite pristine giving beach goers beautiful views of forest shrubs and wetland habitat. The beach is made of fine light sand that is extremely soft. The lake bottom remains sandy until it drops off. The beach is located off of highway 21 about 5 minutes toward the Peck Lake Campground. There are two parking lots one near the day use area and one near the boat launch. Both offer easy access to the lake opening directly onto the park area. The water is clear and there is no weeds or algae. Some tufts of long grasses are growing near the boat launch but not along the major stretches of the sandy beach. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. The beach is located along the inside of a bay so it is fairly protected and offers a great view and environment for swimming. The beach offers a public dock and a boat launch that has it’s own parking lot and the lake is popular among boaters even early in the season. There is also a fish gutting station near the boat launch. The beach backs onto a grassy park area that has several trees and shrubs. There are several day use sits with picnic tables and BBQs. There are also benches right on the shore for a better view of the lake. The day use sites have a bit of privacy from one another thanks too the trees! There are ample trash facilities as well as drinking water availability (follow any posted guidelines). The campground area near the beach has outhouse facilities. The beach is well buffered from the road and there are recreational users out even early in the season to enjoy the beautiful space. There is a private subdivision on the north side of the beach and a campground on the south. The emerald color of this lake and the light sand give it the feel of an escape or vacation. Because the beach is tucked away in the south bay it has good access to sunlight and would be a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery.
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