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Ministikwan Lake Public Beach, SK


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Ministikwan Lake Public Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Ministikwan Lake is located within the Bronson Forest Recreation Site. It is fairly large and has a lot of wave activity in the wind. Nearly 75% of its perimeter is bordered by the Ministikwan First Nations Reserve No. 161 and is very pristine. From the beach you have a great view of the natural forest around the lake. The beach has golden sand that is fine and soft and this continues onto the lake bottom. The beach is located under 5 minutes off of highway 21 and there is ample parking for beach goers. The parking lot opens up directly onto the park bordering the beach. The water is clear but the lake is deep giving it a dark appearance. There are some weed beds a few meters out. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. The beach is located on the north side of a bay however the bay is large so the water is not always calm. The beach does not have a public dock or boat launch however boat launch facilities are available inside Johnson’s Resort Campground which lies adjacent to the beach. The beach backs on to a grassy park that contains some trees and shrubs. This area contains small sites with day use BBQs as well as a swing set for children. The swing set is close to the beach but trees and shrubbery block visibility. The outhouse facilities are more rustic than other lakes in the area but are still functional! In addition to the campground there is a small section of private properties located next to the beach. ATV activity is quite popular in the area but the parking lot is buffered from the road by a dense section of forest so most motor vehicle noise is minimized. The lake is closed to fishing from April 1 – June 30 2012.
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