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Memorial Lake Regional Park Public Beach, SK


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Memorial Lake Regional Park Public Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Memorial Lake is a long and odd shaped lake that is extremely popular for recreational use. It was voted best Regional Park in Saskatchewan in 2009! There is a 8 dollar fee to enter the park or 40 annually for access to all Saskatchewan Regional Parks. The beach is about 150m long and is made of very fine sand – good for sand castles! The bottom of the lake is also sandy and drops off quickly in the swimming area. The water has sand and other sediments in it but is generally fairly clear. There is a designated swimming area marked by floating tubing and all swimming is unsupervised. Access to the beach is through the regional park gate. There is an unpaved parking lot upland of the beach with several spaces. It is a short walk from the beach. This beach is extremely popular due to it’s family friendly atmosphere. The beach is saturated with families on a nice day and all the kids are enjoying the beach and other amenities. The beach is popular for boaters and you can use the boat launch for 5/day or 25 annually. No personal watercraft such as seadoos are permitted in the park. The view from the lake is dense forest so it gives the area a natural feel despite its popularity. The water is cool but refreshing and waves from the boats come in frequently. The beach backs onto a large grassy park with washrooms changerooms and lots of seating. Nearby there are playgrounds and day use picnic amenities. The beach features several floating docks – two onshore and two floating further out in the swimming area. All in all there is a lot of fun and relaxation to be had at Memorial Lake Regional Park!
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