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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Public Beach at Kimball Lake, SK


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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Public Beach at Kimball Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Kimball Lake is small but the public beach most certainly is not! It covers about 1km of shoreline and is comprised of medium grain golden sand as well as some rocks and pebbles. It is easily accessible from the campground and from the day use area where there is ample parking. It is only a couple minute walk from the parking lot to the beach. Kimball Lake is connected to highway 224 via a paved road and the parking lot for beach-goers is large and well maintained. The water is clear and still with no weeds or algae. The depth drops off after a couple of meters and occasional waves come in to the shoreline but it remains fairly sheltered. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. The beach does not have a dock or a boat launch but both of these amenities are available just down the shoreline (a 2-3 minute drive). The north side of the long beach has change houses a public water tap and outhouse facilities. There is a park on this edge of the beach that has picnic tables trash facilities bike racks and three playgrounds that are easily visible from the beach. The park is mainly grassy with some trees and shrubs. The south side of the beach has a day use area with picnic tables fire pits trash and drinking water. The day use sites are separated from each other by pathways and trails giving you some privacy if you wish to spend the day here. Some stretches of beach are bordered by a small cement retaining wall between the grass and the sand and also feature a cement boardwalk travelling along parts of the beaches length. The beach also features two sets of posts to set up beach volleyball nets! About halfway down the beach you can walk up to the Kimball Store. The store features snacks and treats camping gear fishing tackle basic food items as well as an ice cream stand! The traffic in the Kimball Store as well as it’s large paved parking lot are good indicators that this is a well established beach community. According to their sign Kimball Beach was ranked one of the top 10 in Canada! Even early in the season this beach was bustling with families and recreational users. It is easy to understand how this would be a great location to have some fun in the sun during the summer months given it’s ability to house various individual group and family activities!
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