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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Public Beach at Greig Lake, SK


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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Public Beach at Greig Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Greig Lake is a large and recreationally valued lake in the provincial park. The beach is fairly short given the size of the lake stretching about 50m. The sand is medium grain and has a golden color. The lake is accessible from the highway and ample parking is available. In order to reach the beach from the parking lot you must walk through a park as well as follow a short trail (total time is only about 5 minutes). The water is clear with no algae or weeds on the public beach. The lake bottom is comprised of small rocks but after a few meters it becomes sandy as well. It appears to be shallow for about 5m after which it drops off. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. The lake has a population of loons and the park posts signage that encourages beach-goers to try to minimize their impact on loon habitat. The beach is bordered on either side by cottages and there is no public boat launch or dock in this location. These amenities are available via driving down the lake past the Greig Lake Village Cottages (about 10 minutes). There is a high density of cottage owners with personal docks and the lake is a popular one for boating.The shoreline backs onto a forested park that is fairly secluded from the road. It has outhouse facilities change rooms drinking water and a bulletin board for local news postings. There are picnic tables and fire pits for day use purposes and just back of the beach there is a playground for children although it is not visible from the shore. Some picnic tables sit right on the sandy shoreline and bike racks are available in the park!Greig Lake has all the signs of a popular recreational waterfront community. There is a visitor center for newcomers to ask questions as well as a local store which serves hot food snacks ice cream fishing tackle angling licenses and Greig Lake paraphernalia. You can also fuel up and rent a boat at the store. For those looking to partake in more local activities there is also mini-golf basketball and tennis courts nearby. If you are interested in staying overnight the Greig Lake Campground is nearby and has several amenities including hot showers flush toilets and laundry.
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