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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Murray Doell Campground Beach at Lac Des Isles, SK


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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Murray Doell Campground Beach at Lac Des Isles Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

The lake is very large and extremely pristine. Shoreline is mainly forested with several types of trees and shrubs. The beach is comprised of light sand mixed with small pebbles and rocks. It is coarser than other lakes in the park but still great to sit on! The beach is unsupervised and doesn’t contain buoys for swimming although it is bordering a bay area with little boat traffic so it is fairly calm. The water is clear with a bit of foam and algae on the shoreline. The bottom is rocky for about 2m and then becomes sandy. Depth drops off after a few meters. Wave action comes in occasionally from boat wakes but is not to disruptive to the beach atmosphere. Access to the beach from highway 950 is through the campground. Follow the campground signs not the boat launch signs and you will arrive within minutes! The beach backs on to a grassy park that contains a day use gazebo as well as outhouses and benches for seating. The outhouse facilities are extremely clean! The park contains a playground that is close but not visible form the beach. The beach contains the start of a hiking trail through the boreal forest and the park also contains a faucet with drinking water as well as garbage and recycling facilities.There is abundant parking behind the park. The beach does not contain a boat launch or dock however a short drive through the campground takes you to boat launch facilities. The absence of boat launch facilities and the pristine shoreline gives this beach a quiet family feel. Several large boulders in the park are painted with images of local wildlife and scenery. A great place to spend your day and the camping facilities are fairly spacious and natural if you wish to stay the night – the ground is covered with foliage and other groundcovers not lawn.
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