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Makwa Lake Provincial Park Jumbo Beach at Little Jumbo Lake, SK


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Makwa Lake Provincial Park Jumbo Beach at Little Jumbo Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Little Jumbo Lake is a small lake that is sometimes connected to Makwa Lake via a narrow channel on the northeast corner. The beach is large and the sand is a golden color. The beach is very accessible and visible from highway 699 and ample parking is available for beach goers. The parking lot opens directly onto the beach. The water is clear and the lake has a sandy bottom making it an enjoyable swimming location. The beach has a fair bit of foam washing up from waves. No designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. There is a public dock on one end of the beach however there is no boat launch. Boat launch and camping facilities are available further down the lake. The beach opens up to a grassy park with a few large trees. There are change houses and outhouse facilities in the park as well as a swing-set for children. The park has frequent trash disposal amenities. The shorelines of Makwa and Jumbo Lake are bordered by provincial park as well as Makwa Sahgaiechan First Nations land making the majority of the shoreline very natural and pristine. Dense forest is visible across the lake from the beach giving the lake a more natural feel despite its proximity to the highway. There are beach volleyball nets set up next to the water and behind the park is a well-developed beach community. The area features an ice cream shop restaurant bike racks and several other recreational amenities. The close proximity to the road and easy access to the local amenities make Jumbo Beach a convenient way to enjoy a day at the lake.
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