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Douglas Provincial Park Public Beach at Lake Diefenbaker, SK


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Douglas Provincial Park Public Beach at Lake Diefenbaker Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

NOTE: July 28: Blue-green algae warning from Saskatchewan Environment about Southern SK lakes. Diefenbaker was formed in 1968 by damming of the South Saskatchewan River. It is about 2km wide and over 100km long and has 3 Saskatchewan Provincial Parks on its perimeter. Douglas Provincial Park is situated on the Qu’Appelle arm of Diefenbaker and the public beach area in this park is comprised of fine light sand mixed with a few small rocks. Potash and other minerals occur commonly in these sediments giving the sand a sparkling pink appearance. The lake bottom is a mixture of sand and rocks and deepens gradually leaving plenty of space for wading and swimming. Because a dam controls the lake the size of the beach fluctuates with the water levels throughout the season. The water is cold and clear however when the water levels are low the ground is muddy and foam tends to wash up on the shoreline. The beach also varies in width and there may or may not be a designated swimming area depending on the water level. All swimming is unsupervised. Access to the beach is off highway 19 and a day pass (7) is required for park entry. There is a large paved parking lot and the beach is accessible via a short walk from the parking lot. Lake Diefenbaker is historical to say the least! It is known for stories of its formation it’s hydroelectric power production and it’s record-breaking fish populations. Douglas Provincial Park has large stands of forest upland of the beach so wildlife here is abundant. There is a boat launch available within the park. Its gradual slope and sandy perimeter don’t provide much cover from the sun so make sure to bring sunscreen!The view from the beach is more sandy beaches backed by trees. The beach backs onto a grassy park with some stands of forest as well as wetland. This area has benches for seating as well as day use picnic tables and a playground for children. There are trash washroom and changing facilities as well as a general store with food snacks and laundry. A good option for those wanting to explore a more natural side of Lake Diefenbaker.
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