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Danielson Provincial Park Public Beach at Lake Diefenbaker, SK


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Danielson Provincial Park Public Beach at Lake Diefenbaker Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

NOTE: July 28: Blue-green algae warning from Saskatchewan Environment about Southern SK lakes. Diefenbaker was formed in 1968 by damming of the South Saskatchewan River. It is about 2km wide and over 100km long and has 3 Saskatchewan Provincial Parks on its perimeter. In Danielson Provincial Park the public beach alone is several kilometers in length and you can find even more sandy beaches along the shoreline. The beach is composed of coarse light sand mixed with rocks. It is rockier the further you get upland from the water. Potash and other minerals occur commonly in these sediments giving the sand a sparkling pink appearance. The lake bottom is a mixture of sand and rocks and deepens gradually leaving plenty of space for wading and swimming. The water is cold and clear with no evidence of weeds growing or washed up. There may or may not be a designated swimming area depending on the water level and all swimming is unsupervised. Access to the beach is off of highway 44 and parking is available at the Danielson Provincial Park Visitor Center. The parking lot is a short walk through a grassy park to the beach. Lake Diefenbaker is historical to say the least! It is known for stories of it’s formation it’s hydroelectric power production and it’s record breaking fish populations. All of these things make it a desirable lake to visit and the abundance of boaters and recreational users are proof of that! There is a boat launch available through the park but you must pay an entry fee to use that facility. Because a dam controls the lake the size of the beach fluctuates with the water levels throughout the season. It’s gradual slope and sandy perimeter don’t provide much cover from the sun so make sure to bring sun screen!The view from the beach is mainly more beaches bordered by trees and valleys. Near shore there is a small sandy island and a large colony of pelicans can be easily observed from the beach! The beach backs onto a grassy park and several trees. This area has a small playground for kids change houses and washrooms as well as day use picnic tables and benches. The visitor center is also in this park and features displays on historical Lake Diefenbaker as well as a small theatre store and restaurant. All in all historical Lake Diefenbaker is a must see!
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