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Cochin Public Beach at Jackfish Lake, SK


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Cochin Public Beach at Jackfish Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

A very large lake with lots of recreational potential. A majority of the shoreline is developed with residential properties most of which have private docks and boats. Despite the high residential and recreational use boating activity does not impede beach enjoyment because of the large size of the lake. The beach is comprised of medium grain golden sand mixed with a few small pebbles and twigs. There is ample parking surrounding the public beach and the lot opens directly onto the beach area. The water is extremely clear and only a few patches of weeds were visible a couple of meters out after which the water gets deeper quite abruptly. Small amounts of grasses and wood wash up along the shoreline on some stretches of beach. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. No pets allowed on the beach. The beach opens up to a large grassy park with picnic tables and benches. There are a few trees and shrubs but all tables are in close proximity to one another. This area has change houses as well as trash and outhouse facilities. The beach is separated from the park by concrete barriers. The park has a large playground for children and it is visible from the beach. The south end of the beach has a public boat launch and a small dock for public use. Just past the boat launch there is a small pier that is also accessible to the public.
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The status of this beach is GREY
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