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Battlefords Provincial Park Beach at Jackfish Lake, SK


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Battlefords Provincial Park Beach at Jackfish Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

The Battlefords Provincial Park is very recreationally orientated. For beach-goers looking for a location with a lot to do this would be a great choice! Even surrounding the provincial park most of the shoreline is residentially developed. On the opposite side of the lake from the beach the shoreline is mainly grassy hills with some agricultural land. The beach is comprised of medium grain golden sand mixed with a few small pebbles and twigs. There are several paved parking lots surrounding the beach that open directly onto the beach area. The water is extremely clear and very few weeds were visible. The depth drops off a couple of meters out but the bottom remains sandy until then. There is a natural reed bed in front of the residences on the east side of the beach. There is no designated swimming area and all swimming is unsupervised. No pets allowed on the beach. The beach opens up to a large grassy park. There are several benches in this area as well as some day use sits with picnic tables and BBQs. The park has some trees but is mainly grass which offers a view of the beach from most locations. The park has beach volleyball courts as well as a playground for children. There is a general store beside the parking lot with snacks and other goods. The area has change house outhouse and drinking water facilities located along the length of the beach. The park has frequent trash and recycling facilities as littering is a 100 fine. There are several campsites located nearby for those wishing to stay the night and the park area also has it’s own mini golf course. Day use sites that are further from the water are more treed in and have a more private feel. In close proximity to the beach is the Picnic Pavilion which is a day use area that features tables speakers and other items you might require to host an event. Talk to the park about booking a time if you would like to use this amenity. Several hiking and cycling trails run through the area. There is a boat launch and public dock on the east side of the beach. Near the boat launch is a store where you can rent or purchase various types of boats as well as fishing supplies and licenses.
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