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Anglin Lake Recreation Site Public Beach at Anderson Point Campground, SK

Anglin Lake Recreation Site Public Beach at Anderson Point Campground Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Anglin Lake Recreation Site is located in the heart of Saskatchewans Lakeland. The public beach is located within the Anderson Point Campground. There is ample parking near the boat launch and a short sandy trail through the forest will connect you to the beach. The beach is small but very private. The beach is made of fine golden sand and only a few reeds wash up on the shore. The water is clear and the lake bottom is a mixture of small to medium sized rocks. It is shallow for most of the designated swimming area which is marked by buoys. All swimming is unsupervised and there is a steep drop off after the buoys so swimmers should use caution. There is one bench on the shoreline for beach goers to enjoy. The beach is surrounded by a dense forest of trees and shrubs. The shoreline across from the beach is extremely natural which adds to the secluded feel of the beach. The boat launch and public dock are a short walk from the beach and that area also features outhouses. Trash facilities are located on the beach and near the boat launch. No fishing off of the dock but there is a fish fileting station near the boat launch for what you do catch while on the lake!
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