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Lakeview Park East Beach, ON

Lakeview Park East Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

The east and west beaches at Oshawa’s Lakeview Park stretch across a long sandy shoreline located within an expansive waterfront recreation area. Soccer fields slow pitch diamonds picnic facilities and outdoor and indoor concerts can all be found in the area. At the most eastern end of the beaches you will see the industrialized harbour. Across the harbour is Gifford Hill a historic site that served as a trading post during the 18th century. One of the few remaining pioneer cemeteries in Ontario can be found in this area. Beyond Gifford Hill is Second Marsh a 123 hectare coastal wetland that is home to extensive biodiversity such as reptiles mammals birds fish and insects. Walking trails viewing platforms and benches are among the many things available in the green space of the beaches where everyone can find something to appreciate and enjoy outdoors.
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Tested weekly from June 4 to September 1
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