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Bluffers Beach, ON


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Bluffers Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Named for the Scarborough Bluffs that tower over it Bluffers Park Beach has a ton of facilities for every beach-goer. There is a marina parkland swimming fishing and picnic areas. In 2009 an 11 year-old boy reeled in a 35lb Chinook Salmon just off the beach! Bluffers Park was built by fill and bringing in sand to create a flat space at the bottom of the clay cliffs. These towering bluffs are loose and crumbly so keep your eyes peeled for falling sand. If you put your ear right up to the wall of them you might be able to hear the sand and dirt moving and shifting inside. Bluffers Beach used to have some of the poorest water quality in Toronto. After a 2006 study by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and investment from the City of Toronto the water quality improved dramatically.Bluffers Beach is a Blue Flag beach. The Blue Flag is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet strict standards for water quality environmental management and education safety and services.
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Tested daily from June 1 to September 4
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