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Grindstone Park Beach, MB


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Grindstone Park Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

A quick turnoff onto Grindstone Road takes you on a journey through five subdivisions all connected by scenic walking trails that are guaranteed to offer exhilarating wildlife experiences for all ages. Grindstone Park is surrounded by many Islands including Black Island Goose Island Deer Island Punk and Little Punk Island and is a 20 minute boat ride to Hecla Provincial Park (offering a beautiful 18 hole golf course). Grindstone Park offers three sandy beaches two boat launching sights and the Grindstone General Store is close just down the road on Highway 8.Grindstone Park Beach is a place of mystery - there are many legends and tales from Anishinabe (Ojibwe) medicine men surrounding the area. Explore the park and its history on trails or relax on the sandy beach. Berry picking is a popular activity in summer months. The park has many amenties like washrooms wi-fi a boat launch picnic tables and a playground. There are different options to stay at with campgrounds RV sites year round bed and breakfast and a motel available.
Water Quality
Tested weekly from June 1 to September 15
Historical Status
The status of this beach is YELLOW
This beach passes water quality tests 60–95% of the time.


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