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Echo Valley Provincial Park - Echo Lake Public Beach, SK


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Echo Valley Provincial Park - Echo Lake Public Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Echo Valley Provincial Park is located in between two lakes that are part of the Qu’Appelle River. Echo Lake is on the east side of highway 210 and is a very family friendly beach atmosphere. The public beach area is comprised of coarse sand mixed with pebbles. The lake bottom has a similar composition and the water is very clear with no evidence of weeds. There are reeds washed up along some certain stretches of beach. The beach is long and on the north end there is a public boat launch with a dock. There is a designated swimming area marked by buoys and all swimming is unsupervised. No pets on the beach. Access to the beach is via Highway 210 which runs between Pasqua Lake and Echo Lake. There are large paved parking lots that open directly onto the beach. The view from the beach is of Echo Valley however this side has more residential development on the shoreline than neighboring Pasqua Lake. The beach backs onto a grassy park that is surrounded by forest and shrubs. In the park there are several benches and picnic tables for seating and further upland there are picnic sites with day use BBQs. There are outhouse and trash facilities throughout the park. This area also features change houses a playground for kids and a beach volleyball court. Echo Lake is surrounded by several Provincial Park campgrounds for those interested in staying overnight.
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