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Alberta Beach at Lac Ste. Anne, AB


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Alberta Beach at Lac Ste. Anne Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Alberta Beach is still a popular beach located northwest of Edmonton. The beach is in the heart of the village of Alberta Beach. The Gov't of Canada pier that was a feature of the beach is now completely removed..The beach is sandy with grassy picnic area. The water is shallow and usually quite soupy with algae. All the amenities for a day at the beach are here or nearby. The beach has been posted in the past for E. Coli (2006) and blue green algae (2009 the lake was posted). Alberta Beach is the host of the annual Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage in August. Many people of mostly Cree ancestry congregate on the waters of Lac St. Anne near Alberta Beach. NOTE: ADVISORY: A Blue-green algae advisory was issued for Lac Ste. Anne from July 24 2012-Oct 10 2012. A Blue-green algae advisory was issued for Lac Ste. Anne on August 16 2013-end of the bathing season and July 24/2014 until Nov 6/2014.NOTE: A Contaminated water advisory issued for Lac Ste. Anne from August 15 2014-Sept 18 2014.
Water Quality
Current Status
The status of this beach is GREY
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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