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Sunset Beach, BC

Sunset Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS: Open! Current results show 22 E.coli/100ml.This beach has historically high E.coli levels. Please always obey any signage posted at the beach.WATER QUALITY HISTORY:September 4 2014: Sunset Beach has tested at 681 E.coli/100mL and remains closed. As of July 31st 2014 Sunset Beach is closed due to high E.coli counts for the remainder of the summer. Please see the Vancouver Coastal Health website for reference. August 22th 2013 update: Sunset beach has been declared safe for swimming by Vancouver Coastal Health however the coliform counts still exceed our own standard of 100 E.coli/100mL. The geometric mean is currently at 120.August 9th 2013 update: Sunset beach has been deemed unsafe for swimming due to high coliform counts that exceed our own standard 100 e coli bacteria per 100ml of water and for exceeding provincial standard of 200 e coli bacteria per 100ml of water. Possible reasons for such a high e coli bacteria counts include increased human and animal (dogs geese etc.) activities over the last few weeks. Please refrain from conducting aquatic recreational activities until the e coli levels drop to a safe level.BEACH INFO:Once the location of a Sawmill factory Sunset Beach is now known for being a quiet sandy beach at the mouth of False Creek. Visitors may come to swim during the summer time stroll along the Stanley Park Seawall or bring their dogs to the off-leash dog park.Located at the mouth of False Creek on Beach Ave between Bute St and Thurlow St Sunset Beach is a less populated beach close to the West End and downtown Vancouver. It is close to the Vancouver Aquatic Centre and has access to the False Creek Ferry pier.AMENITIES:On the Stanley Park Seawall systemConcessionPublic washroomsDesignated quiet beachAccess to the False Creek Ferry pierPay parkingLifeguards between Victoria Day and Labour Day (late May to early September)Photo credit: Suzanne Rushton
Water Quality
Tested weekly from May 1 to September 30
Historical Status
The status of this beach is YELLOW
This beach passes water quality tests 60–95% of the time.


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