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Sandpiper Beach Park, BC


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Sandpiper Beach Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Hornby Island was named in 1850 after Rear Admiral Phipps Hornby. Early settlers chose this sheltered island which had fertile solid and provided ample amounts of water to build farms. As a result Hornby Island became a bountiful farming community. To protect the island from inappropriate use and development the Islands Trust organization was formed in 1974. Sandpiper Beach is a sandy rocky sanctuary on the eastern side of Hornby Island and in the beach's vicinity are some of the island's best attractions such as the wineries vineyards and artisan workshops. There are paved roads for walking and cycling around the beach. During the summer one can enjoy swimming and beach activities. This beach is one of those beaches that will be measured 'as needed' by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This means that the Vancouver Island Health Authority may keep the beaches open to swimmers despite the potential dangers to swimmers. Fraser Riverkeepers will always mark this beach with a grey rating (unless they begin to monitor the beach more frequently) to warn swimmers of potential dangers. When swimming in these waters always exercise caution.
Water Quality
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The status of this beach is GREEN
This beach passes water quality tests at least 95% of the time.


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