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Rainbow Lake Park, BC

Rainbow Lake Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

WATER QUALITY HISTORY:This beach was last sampled in September 2013 and was sampled every second week during the 2013 summer.BEACH INFO:Rainbow Beach Park is located on Alta Lake in Whistler British Columbia and it can be accessed from Alta Lake Road. Rainbow Beach Park is a favorite for kids and families because of its sandy beach and shallow water. For those who prefer not to drive Rainbow Beach Park is a 20 minute bike from Whistler village via the Valley Trail.The park is named for site of the historic Rainbow Lodge built by Whistler pioneer Myrtle Phillips.Rainbow Beach Park hosts the annual Whistler Dragon Boat Festival and has hosted a plethora of outdoor sporting events over the years.AMENITIES:This beach includes: grassy areas a beach picnic tables and outdoor BBQ’s volleyball courts a concession stand and public washrooms and change rooms.
Water Quality
Historical Status
The status of this beach is YELLOW
This beach passes water quality tests 60–95% of the time.


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