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Powell Beach, BC

Powell Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Powell Beach is located in Summerland with a population of over 11000. The city is located north of Penticton and south of Peachland and the beach is located on the western shore of Okanagan Lake. Powell Beach consists of a long sandy beach making it a good place for swimming and sun bathing. There are also picnic tables benches and walking paths for people to enjoy. Summerland is the host of the popular free Annual Summerland Action Festival which is 3 days long in the summer. This is a family event with many activities and contests for children such as a carnival pancake breakfasts and a baseball tournament and many more. It is also a music festival with a variety of artists.
Water Quality
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The status of this beach is GREEN
This beach passes water quality tests at least 95% of the time.


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