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Neck Point, BC

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On August 3rd 2014 Fraser Riverkeeper's Program Manager Rachel Schoeler will be leaving Neck Point around 8am with a support boat by her side as she attempts to swim across the Georgia Strait.Join us at Neck Point Park on August 3rd between 7:45am - 8:15am to send her off! There will be juice provided by Oasis Juice for all spectators and supporters.More Info About the Swim:Since 1966 many people have attempted to complete this swim and a few have succeeded among them MP Fin Donnelly. Rachel’s success will make her the second woman in history to complete the solo crossing— and the first woman to do so in over forty years! (The last was in 1972 by a nurse named Fran Cannon.) Along with going down in the history books Rachel’s swim will act as a fundraiser for the Fraser Riverkeeper’s Shore Patrol Swimmable Water Project which takes place throughout the summer to educate beach-goers on water quality issues. With the help of youth volunteers our Shore Patrol program helps reduce the human health risks from swimming in polluted recreational water and help BC citizens improve water quality at their favourite beaches.
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