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Naikoon Provincial Park, BC


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Naikoon Provincial Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

This 69 166 hectare park is located on the northeast tip of Graham Island and features over 100 km of sandy beaches old growth forests and numerous bogs. It is part of the Hecate Depression and is low and flat. The weather here is mostly mild but severe rain wind and fog can occur at any time. The park is accessible from Tlell and Masset at the southern and northwestern edges of the park. The coastal areas are most easily accessible while the interior of the park is a wilderness area. Agate Beach and Misty Meadows are year-round campgrounds with cold water taps and pit toilets. There are a few wilderness huts throughout the park. Back-country camping is also allowed throughout the park and the park streams and lakes serve as an important source of drinking water.This park is very popular in the summer and offers clamming and beachcombing hiking ATV driving wildlife watching and famous fresh and saltwater fishing. The park also boasts a diverse population introduced and native wildlife migratory birds and interesting sub-species of mainland birds.
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