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Leiner River Campsite, BC


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Leiner River Campsite Short Term Forecast

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Leiner River Campsite is located east of the Village of Tahsis. Tahsis has a population of around 600 and is on an inlet on the west side of Vancouver Island where there is a small beach along the river with a few swimming holes. The Leiner River is very close to the Tahsis campsite which consists of 8 campsite units. Facilities at the campsite include picnic tables and pit toilets. Since the campsite is in a forest terrain there are many outdoor activities to partake in including fishing swimming and hiking. The Tahsis town hosts events every month but one event in particular is 'Tahsis Days' which are held in the third weekend of July every year and has many fun family oriented activities. Also Tahsis has a Heritage Museum which displays the history and the culture of the town at one time Tahsis was a major fur trade route. The word 'Tahsis' means gateway.This beach is one of those beaches that will be measured 'as needed' by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This means that the Vancouver Island Health Authority may keep the beaches open to swimmers despite the potential dangers to swimmers. Fraser Riverkeepers will always mark this beach with a grey rating (unless they begin to monitor the beach more frequently) to warn swimmers of potential dangers. When swimming in these waters always exercise caution.
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