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Lake Cowichan - Lakeview Park, BC

Lake Cowichan - Lakeview Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Lakeview Park is located at the east end of Lake Cowichan one of the largest freshwater lakes on Vancouver Island. It is also next to the town of Lake Cowichan a small town with approximately 3 000 local residents. While it is just steps away from the restaurants and shops the beach serves as a very popular site for boating hiking and camping. The beach is big soft and sandy with the peaceful waterfront which attracts people from the surrounding areas.The beach in this park is monitored monthly between June and September. Its duck pond is also monitored every 2 weeks.
Water Quality
Tested monthly from June 1 to September 30
Current Status
The status of this beach is
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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