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Kye Bay Bathing Beach, BC

Kye Bay Bathing Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Kye Bay Bathing Beach is a long sandy beach located near Comox British Columbia. Kye Bay is known as a perfect kids beach. It has many small tidal pools filled with marine life soft sand for building sand castles and is a nice warm temperature for swimming. When the tide comes in over the hot sand it heats up the cool ocean water.Kye Bay beach is dog friendly and a popular picnic spot for locals.This beach is one of those beaches that will be measured 'as needed' by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This means that the Vancouver Island Health Authority may keep the beaches open to swimmers despite the potential dangers to swimmers. Fraser Riverkeepers will always mark this beach with a grey rating (unless they begin to monitor the beach more frequently) to warn swimmers of potential dangers. When swimming in these waters always exercise caution.
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