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Jordan River, BC

Jordan River Short Term Forecast

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Jordan River is a small settlement on the west coast of Vancouver Island located approximately 70 kilometers west of Victoria. It was originally a logging camp dating back to the 1880s and today the area forests are still managed by Western Forest Products. The Capital Regional District (CRD) acquired approximately 180 hectares of land from Western Forest Products in 2010 and established Jordan River Park along coastal sections. At “the Point” on the east side of Jordan River bridge the park includes a small campground as well as public washrooms and a parking area. Jordan River is a popular spot among surfers especially in the winter months when winter storms produce large ocean swells. There is also a hydroelectric generating station at Jordan River located approximately 10 kilometers upstream from the shoreline at Diversion Dam. The campground at the Point has been recently closed due to seismic concerns at the dam. Access to Jordan River is by Highway 14/West Coast Road west of Sooke. Parking is available in the gravel parking lot or along the road. The sampling location at Jordan River is at the rivermouth on the east side of the bridge.
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