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Iona Beach Park, BC

Iona Beach Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS: Open! Current results show 13 E.coli/100ml.WATER QUALITY HISTORY:It should be noted that this beach is located in close proximity to the Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant where there are potentially toxic discharges into the surrounding water. The treatment facility treats sewage from Vancouver the University Endowment Lands and parts of Burnaby and Richmond before discharging it through a 7.5 km deep-sea outfall into The Strait of Georgia.Fraser Riverkeeper's Doug Chapman (represented by Ecojustice then Sierra Legal) launched private prosecutions under the Federal Fisheries Act against the Province of BC and Metro Vancouver. The prosecutions involved a push towards more advanced sewage treatment levels at the Iona and Lionsgate Treatment Plants. In 2008 both cases were stayed.In 2008 there was a sewage bypass from Annacis Waste water Treatment Plant that affected the water quality at this beach.Please note that according to the National Pollution Release Inventory (a legislated publicly accessible pollution inventory of industry (in air water and land) there were polluting substances released from the Iona Treatment plant directly into the surrounding waters in 2009. Some of these substances include over 12 tonnes of Hydrogen Sulfide a poisonous gas and over 1000kg of lead. Lead is a poisonous metal that can have adverse affects on humans and ocean animals and can bio-accumulate up through the food chain. Other heavy metals discharged from this location include Mercury and Lead. Ammonia is also discharged from this locations (3039 tonnes in 2009) this can stress aquatic life. High levels of fecal coliforms (bacteria found in human sewage) can affect waterways by decreasing the amount of dissolved oxygen when the matter they are contained within decomposes and this may be enough to kill fish and aquatic life.In 2009 the average daily plant discharge was 550 megalitres.Photo credit: Paulo Yue
Water Quality
Tested weekly from June 1 to September 30
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The status of this beach is GREEN
This beach was tested recently and met water quality standards.


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