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Horn Lake Provincial Park, BC


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Horn Lake Provincial Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Horn Lake Provincial Park is well-known for two caves famous for exploration. BC Parks notes that one of the cave's trails is currently closed. There is also a warning about White-Nose Syndrome a fungal disease that has been threatening bats of the west and of BC. Humans might be increasing this disease through their contaminated clothing and gear. Some tips when visiting this park: bring your own drinking water (no potable water is available) campfires are not permitted and there is no camping in the provincial park but is nearby in Horne Lake Regional Park.The Vancouver Island Health Authority tests the waters of the park when there are high bather loads.This beach is one of those beaches that will be measured 'as needed' by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This means that the Vancouver Island Health Authority may keep the beaches open to swimmers despite the potential dangers to swimmers. Fraser Riverkeepers will always mark this beach with a grey rating (unless they begin to monitor the beach more frequently) to warn swimmers of potential dangers. When swimming in these waters always exercise caution.
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