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Haynes Point Provincial Park, BC

Haynes Point Provincial Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Haynes Point Provincial Park is located in Osoyoos off Highway 97. This popular park is on a thin piece of land that extends out into Osoyoos Lake. Haynes Point has warm water to go along with sandy beaches which makes it a good place for swimming and there are hiking trails. Facilities at the park include pit toilets flush toilets picnic tables and drinking water. There is also a boat launch which makes it a good place for boating water skiing fishing and other water activities. At this park there are vehicle accessible campsites where people can stay at 1 of the 41 campsites and enjoy the outdoors and campfires however you are only allowed to stay for 7 days and reservations are required in the summer. There are many festivals that are taken place in Osoyoos but one in particular is the annual Cherry Fiesta that occurs in July on Canada Day. At this event there are activities for children food and fireworks.
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