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Elk Lake, BC

Elk Lake Short Term Forecast

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Elk Lake is a freshwater body located off the Patricia Bay Highway (Highway 17) on the Saanich Peninsula approximately 12 kilometers north of downtown Victoria. The lake is home to the Victoria City Rowing Club and is the training area for Canada’s Olympic Rowing Team. Elk Lake is joined to the smaller Beaver Lake at its south end and forms part of Elk Lake Regional Park a popular spot for swimming fishing and other water sports. The park features four beaches picnic facilities washrooms playgrounds boat launches a fishing pier concession stands and 15 kilometers of trails some of which are multi-use allowing for hiking cycling and horseback riding. The 10-kilometer perimeter trail that encircles both lakes is especially popular among joggers and dog-walkers. The beaches and picnic areas are accessible for people with disabilities. There are four parking lots at the park - three at Elk Lake and one at Beaver Lake. The sampling location at Elk Lake is located at Hamsterly Beach at the north end of the lake near the parking lot off Brookleigh Road.
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The status of this beach is GREY
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