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Deer Lake, BC

Deer Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS:Fine for paddle sports and boating but please we advise no swimming here due to consistent concerns of water quality. Swimmers should be aware that Swimmers Itch may be present in the lake.BEACH INFO: Deer Lake is a small lake located in Burnaby east of Vancouver which has a small beach and a walking trail around the lake. Also overlooking the lake is the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts which is a place for people to enroll in a variety of arts programs. Shadbolt runs a summer music programs every year at Shadbolt there are live bands that play outdoors and people can purchase tickets to watch during a warm summer evening.AMENITIES:At the beach there is a car-top boat launch picnic tables grassy areas a playground and washrooms. There are kayaks canoes rowboats and pedal boats that are available for rent at the lake.
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