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Craigflower-Kosapsom Park, BC

Craigflower-Kosapsom Park Short Term Forecast

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Craigflower-Kosapsom Park is a a small corner park that is rich with history. Craigflower schoolhouse constructed in 1854 is the oldest schoolhouse in western Canada and it is valued as the oldest surviving public building in BC. It is also one of the few surviving structures which predates the 1858 gold rush. Esquimalt First Nations archaeological remains also have been unearthed at this park that indicates over three thousand years of human occupation at this particular location. Craigflower Elementary School is also located nearby.The mainstage for annual Gorge Canada Day picnic is located at Craigflower-Kosapsom Park along with pancake breakfast tables.The beach on Craigflower-Kosapsom Park is listed under 'Gorge Kosapsom Park' on the VIHA's beach report. It is sampled bi-weekly from May to September.
Water Quality
Tested bi-weekly from May 19 to September 7
Current Status
The status of this beach is GREY
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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