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Clover Point, BC

Clover Point Short Term Forecast

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Clover Point is a popular scenic destination a few minutes walk from downtown Victoria. The point is located along the Dallas Road Walkway and features an off-leash dog walking area. Clover Point is also easily accessible from Dallas Road by car. A large turning loop on the point offers ample parking spaces there is also plenty of parking along Dallas Road. The views from Clover Point are spectacular and include the Olympic Mountains in Washington State the Sooke Hills and Mount Baker. Cruise ships can also be seen going past the point in the summertime. The ocean waters off the point are popular among windsurfers and para-sailing enthusiasts due to the frequent onshore winds. On a windy day people like to fly kites at the grassy area between the path and the road. Clover Point is also home to one of Victoria's sewage pumping stations. The beaches below Clover Point are stony and great for beachcombing.The sampling location at Clover Point is on the east side of the point from a rough concrete ramp.
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The status of this beach is GREEN
This beach passes water quality tests at least 95% of the time.


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