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Chataway Lake, BC


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Chataway Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

WATER QUALITY HISTORY:This beach is not monitored nor do we have any data on it. While it may be safe to swim please check with your local authorities or watch for posted signs.BEACH INFO:Chataway Lake is a high-elevation lake that features a private fishing resort for rainbow trout up to five pounds in size. It is the hub for several smaller lakes known as the ChatawayLake Group and includes Abbott Lake Antler Lake Billy Lake Dot Lake Echo Lake Gordon Lake Gump Lake Gypsum Lake leRoy Lake Knight Lake Roscoe Lake Tyner Lake and Tupper Lake.Due to the large number of smaller lakes there are many options for fishing. Some lakes are especially well situated for fly fishing with extensive shoals weed patches and a plentiful bottom full of scuds and chironomids. Depending on the lake chosen to cast your line there are smaller trout for beginners looking to learn new fishing techniques or larger trout for the more experienced.AMENITIES:A lodge with cabins campsites and boat launch can be found alongside the lake.
Water Quality
Not monitored
Current Status
The status of this beach is GREY
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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