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Cadboro-Gyro Park, BC

Cadboro-Gyro Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS:A beach advisory is currently posted on the Island Health website. Please take caution and obey all signage posted by the local health authority.WATER QUALITY HISTORY:Elevated levels of Enterococci were detected towards the end of the 2014 swimming season. Island Health posted a beach advisory on October 11 2014 due to high levels of bacteria from creek and storm water contamination.BEACH INFO:Cadboro Bay – Gyro Park is great for family outings. The park has a large playground a sandy beach and is within walking distance to a quaint shopping area. Windsurfers have also been spotted enjoying the bay.Water is sampled at two sites: the north and south ends of the beach.AMENITIES:Marine-themed playgroundPicnic areaPublic washrooms
Water Quality
Tested weekly from May 19 to September 7
Current Status
The status of this beach is GREY
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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