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Cadboro Bay Beach, BC

Cadboro Bay Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Cadboro Bay (or Caddy Bay) is a sandy stretch of beach at Gyro Park a few minutes walk from the University of Victoria. The park features an impressive children’s playground picnic facilities public washrooms and a grassy area with shade trees. Park upgrades in 2014 included enhanced accessibility with new pathways furnishings ramps special mats and surface materials. The beach which is a popular summertime spot for swimming boating or relaxing on the soft sand is accessible from a large gravel parking lot at the end of Sinclair Road. Cadboro Bay is also home of the legendary “Cadborosaurus' sea serpent of which there is a replica in the playground. The park is an easy stroll to Cadboro Bay Village. The sampling location at Cadboro Bay Beach is on the northeast side of the beach near a stormwater outlet.
Water Quality
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The status of this beach is GREEN
This beach passes water quality tests at least 95% of the time.


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