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Buntzen Lake, BC

Buntzen Lake Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS:Open! Current results show:- North Beach - End of Dock: 6 E.coli/100ml.- South Beach - Centre: 5 E.coli/100ml.- South Beach - Dog Area: 5 E.coli/100ml.- South Beach - East End: 5 E.coli/100ml.- South Beach - Floating Bridge: 8 E.coli/100ml.- South Beach - West: 5 E.coli/100ml.BEACH INFO:The beautiful scenic Buntzen Lake a BC Hydro reservoir is located 30 km east of Vancouver and north of Port Moody. In addition to the beach there are numerous hiking equestrian and mountain biking trails near the lake. In the early 1900s the lake was constructed to produce energy in a project called Buntzen hydroelectric project and this was the first hydroelectric power in Vancouver which replaced a previous steam plant for power supply in Vancouver. As this lake is used to generate power please be sure to adhere to all posted safety signs.No Power boats are permitted.AMENITIES:Picnic tables picnic shelters designated dog areas canoe launch canoe rentals washrooms
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