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Bowker Creek, BC

Bowker Creek Short Term Forecast

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Bowker Creek is an approximately 8 kilometers long freshwater creek with headwaters at a wetland at the University of Victoria campus. From there the creek flows roughly southwards through a system of underground channels and above ground sections eventually discharging to the ocean near Glenlyon-Norfolk school in the district of Oak Bay. Urbanization of the Bowker Creek Watershed over the past 200 years has resulted in significant changes to the creek including degraded water quality and the underground channelling of approximately 70% of the creek. Today the creek is the subject of community and regional restoration efforts as well as various environmental education initiatives. The Bowker Creek Walkway is located in Oak Bay along one of the creek’s few remaining open sections between the end of Armstrong Street and Monterey Avenue. This greenspace includes benches picnic tables and a walkway along the creek. The sampling location at Bowker Creek is at an open section of the creek off Haultain Street near Dean Avenue.
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