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Blind Bay, BC


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Blind Bay Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

WATER QUALITY INFO:This beach is tested bi-weekly from May to September.BEACH INFO:Blind Bay lies on the southern shores of Shuswap Lake and North west of Salmon Arm. Beautiful Blind Bay is so named because of the angle at which the bay joins Shuswap Lake. It is easy to travel down Shuswap Lake without noticing the bay at all as it is almost concealed from sight.The Shuswap Lake system in Southern Interior of British Columbia offers more than 1 000 kilometres of shoreline to explore amidst spectacular scenery and a pristine environment.The Shuswap boasts the largest houseboat fleet in Canada and one of the largest in the world offering a fabulous way to vacation with family and friends lazily drifting along the lake gazing at blue skies and gorgeous mountains.The South Shuswap region of BC includes the communities of Balmoral Blind Bay Carlin Eagle Bay Notch Hill Skimikin Sorrento Sunnybrae Tappen White Lake and Wild Rose Bay.The beautiful Shuswap Lake takes its name from the Shuswap Indians northernmost of the Great Salishan Family and one of the largest tribes in the interior of British Columbia. Once numbering over 5 000 these people were fishermen and hunters roaming in bands through the vast land of lakes and forests reaching 240 kilometres to the west east and north. Salmon Arm takes its name from the southwest arm of the Shuswap Lake due to the large runs of salmon that used to run up the creeks that empty into the lake.Visitors to Blind Bay are attracted by the natural scenery surrounding Blind Bay and the great waterfront location overlooking Shuswap Lake - a perfect location for a fun-filled vacation.AMENITIES:Unknown.
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Tested weekly from June 15 to September 1
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