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Bear Creek Provincial Park, BC

Bear Creek Provincial Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

WATER QUALITY HISTORY:While it may be safe to swim please check with your local authorities or watch for posted signs. We have not received sampling data for this beach.Kelowna has installed tertiary sewage treatment with the result that its discharges into the lake have improved greatly. In wet years this area may nonetheless be subject to some nutrient loading from surface runoff. Concerns have been expressed about a variety of chemical inputs from runoff but no comprehensive testing has been done for these.BEACH INFO:Bear Creek Provincial Park boasts a diverse array of recreational activities including swimming sandy beaches canoeing fishing hiking and camping. However no lifeguards are on duty. See for more information. All camping requires reservations.AMENITIES:Numerous amenities such as washrooms water fountains picnic tables and fire pits are available for use. Wildlife viewing during the day would include abundant swallows and hawks with coyotes and owls becoming active at night. This is an exceptionally popular location but arrangements may need to be made if overnight camping is desired.
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