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Barnet Marine Park, BC

Barnet Marine Park Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

CURRENT STATUS:Open! Current results show 15 E.coli/100ml. WATER QUALITY HISTORY:Note: The Chevron Refinery is located along the Burrard Inlet approximately 4km to the West of this beach. Take caution when swimming as there may be a risk of petroleum related substances into the water close to this beach. Also Maple Beach is located approximately 0.5km to the North of Barnet Marine Park-it has been closed since July 2007 due to an oil spill. BEACH INFO:The large sandy beach overlooking the Burrard Inlet at Barnet Marine Park is a popular swimming destination. Other activities here include canoeing kayaking and hiking. Photo credit: John Tazumi
Water Quality
Tested weekly from May 1 to September 30
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The status of this beach is
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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