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Sylvan Lake Provincial Park Beach, AB


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Sylvan Lake Provincial Park Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Sylvan Lake Provincial Park Beach is on Lakeshore Drive in the Town of Sylvan Lake. The provincial park is the strip of land between Lakeshore Drive and Sylvan Lake. This wonderful sandy beach with clear shallow waters has all of the amenities required for a day at the beach within walking distance. This is THE beach for Central Alberta. Very popular with all ages and a hangout for boaters as well. There are grassy areas picnic tables volleyball nets and great people watching opportunities. The area has been upgraded with better parking and day use facilities. The boat launch and marina are close by as well on the southwest end of the beach. Arrive early on weekends for best parking and spots. This is not a pristine setting but a great 'scene' for younger people and safe shallow waters for families. The Sylvan Lake Stewardship Association has been very active in promoting and preserving the clear clean waters of Sylvan Lake. NOTE: Just visited on Aug 10/2014. Water quality is excellent. Higher water levels at Sylvan Lake have taken some of the sandy beach area below the retaining wall. Families looking for sandy beach are directed to the North and South ends of the beach. The park area and playground area adjacent to the beach are now completely finished.NATURE NOTE: Thin hair-like worms called Horsehair Worms Gordiids or nematomorpha can be found as of this Aug 11/2014 report near the PP beach. Kids and adults find them very interesting for observing and they are harmless to humans and pets. Check for more info..Sylvan Lake was originally given the Cree name 'kinabik' or Snake Lake because of the abundance of Garter snakes in the area. This was changed to Sylvan (latin 'of forests') in 1903.The beach was open for the whole of the 2011 2012 and 2013 bathing seasons and has historically good water quality testing results.
Water Quality
Tested weekly from May 23 to August 30
Current Status
The status of this beach is GREY
Recent and/or reliable water quality information is unavailable.


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