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Spruce Point Day Use and Camground Beaches, AB


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Spruce Point Day Use and Camground Beaches Short Term Forecast

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SprucePoint Municipal Day Use Area and Campground beaches are another hidden gem of Lesser Slave Lake. Located on the south side of the lake about 50km west from the town of Slave Lake Spruce Point has sandy beach areas and a full scale marina with overnight berth rentals as an option. The sandy beach area has been limited by higher waters in 2013 but the waters are clear shallow sand-bottomed and inviting. Very kid friendly. The day use area has excellent amenities like a store hot showers playground and grassy picnic area. The campground is great with beachside sites with your own little stretch of beach in some cases. You can enjoy a sunset while relaxing or playing on the beach or in the water. With the excellent boat launch and marina Spruce Point and the lake as a whole are a favorite of anglers. The staff are very courteous and the operation is very well-run. The campground is popular and some sites can be close together so book your spot early and look at all the options. If you really want to treasure Spruce Point stay a few nights and book a beachside campsite.
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